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Walk-In Rate

$6 Race License Required to Race

10 Minute Race                  $17

30 Minute Endurance          $39

Race Packages

Weekday Race Packages (Monday - Friday)

$6 Race License Required to Race

2 Races for $30

3 Races for $40

5 Races for $50

Race Packages not included in Cosmic Karting.
All prices are per-person and cannot be combined between each other.
All race packages are non-refundable and expire day of purchase if not used.

Weekend Race Packages (Saturday & Sunday)

$6 Race License Required to Race

3 Races for $45

5 Races for $60

Weekend Race Packages will apply to Members

Cosmic Karting Rates

$6 Race License Required or Membership Required to Race Cosmic Karting

1 Race for $20

2 Race Package $35

3 Race Package $48

5 Race Package $65

7 Race Package $77

5pm - 8pm All Ages

8pm - 12am 16+ Years. There will be no Junior Races held after 8pm on Cosmic Karting Nights

Click here for more info about Cosmic Karting Friday and Saturday Night


Sign Up Fee $40

Renewal Fee $20

1 Credit Race upon purchase, 1 Birthday Race per year, Discounts during weekdays, Credit Racing Options, VIP Karts

Member Weekdays

Per Race $12
30 Minute Endurance $34
Pricing for members only, Monday-Friday

$12 Rate ends at 5pm on Fridays

Saturday & Sunday Member racing - $17 per race.

Race credits can be used during Saturday before 5pm and all day on Sunday.
Member pricing cannot be combined with any other offer or special, such as coupons or Cosmic Rates.