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Iris Festival in Yucapia

Today we will be out at the Iris Festival in Yucaipa promoting SB Raceway.

Come and see us at the 12th Annual Yucaipa Iris Festival. It is sure to be a family fun-filled event.

Event organizers are anticipating the attendance for 2013 to exceed 20,000 people.

The Iris Festival is a perfect family outing with activities for kids, adults and everyone in between. The main attraction is the beautiful flowers that are showcased courtesy of the Yucaipa’s Community Center. It features the city flower -- the Iris, as well as many other gorgeous blooms.

For the music lovers, the Yucaipa Iris Festival has live entertainment in the outdoor amphitheater! There is a Kids' Fun Zone that, according to popular opinion, only gets better every year. The Kids Zone includes bounce houses, obstacle courses, Rock Climbing Wall, Midway Games and face painting. The Home & Garden Expo features local commercial businesses and--BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND US--is one of the main attractions of the festival.

The Yucaipa Iris Festival has been awarded Favorite San Bernardino County Community Event by the Press Enterprise Readers’ Choice 2005 -- so by all means, don't miss it!

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It's Baseball Party Time SB Raceway StyleWe are currently offering a special pizza and race party for the surrounding communities' baseball leagues. This special is available to the various little leagues, pony leagues, SBABL league as well as others in the Colton, Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino, Upland, Grand Terrace, Redlands, Yucaipa, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, and other area’s.

If you are on a baseball or softball league in the Inland Empire and have not yet heard about the Team Pizza Party, be sure to ask your coach or league representative if they have the Team Party certificate.

If for some strange reason they have no idea what you are talking about, contact us! We will be sure your league or team has what they need to take advantage of this limited offer.

Check back often as we are constantly coming up with new ways to pass savings on to you and our specials change often

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SB Raceway offers drivers the opportunity to qualify to race with our prestigious VIP Go-Karts. These go-karts have 9 horsepower engines as opposed to the normal go-kart 6.5 horsepower engines -- making the go-karts go in excess of 10mph faster.

To qualify to drive a VIP Kart, the driver must be 16 years or older. The driver must record at least one lap time, under the required time for their weight class (see below) in five (5) separate races in order to qualify to drive the faster VIP karts.

Weight Classes

100 - 150 lb. : 29.200 /sec. per lap

151 - 200 lb. : 29.400 /sec. per lap

201 - 250 lb. : 29.600 /sec. per lap

251 - 300 lb. : 30.250 /sec. per lap

(These times are subject to change)

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Don't just take our word for it. Cosmic Karting on Saturday nights is a go-karting fan favorite in Southern California.

Check out this article by Indoor Go-kart Enthusiast and Blogger, Patrick Britain in his online article "Cosmic Karting; It’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds"

According to Patrick, four go-kart race enthusiasts traveled from Los Angeles to check it out. All four returned with raved reviews of their experience -- citing specifically how the price of $50 for all-night racing (8pm to midnight) was well worth it. Patrick writes "Simply put, if you are a racer you will love the amount of driving time for the cost, and if you like to have a good time you will get plenty of that for the cost too. SB Raceway gets an A+ for this new idea."

So what the heck is Cosmic Racing and what makes it so special and such a family fun / entertainment must -- especially compared with any other go-karting experience? Patrick explains the SB Raceway Cosmic Karting atmosphere this way:
" [They] had a few ingenious ideas to keep the feel of colorful yet dark racing while sufficiently lighting the walls to keep the racing safe. Rope lights lined the tops of the barriers and red, blue and green lights combined to create white lighting by the time it reached the surface. It was clear they didn’t simply hang up a few black lights and send us out, plenty of time was spent planning and executing the design."

And with our new RT-8 Sodi Karts, you will absolutely love how much fun you can have at such a great price. Come see what all the fuss is about this (and/or any) Saturday night!

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We invite you to host your monthly events with us!

Car Club Events

Are you a car club looking for a hospitable location with the parking space to accommodate your members? SBR invites you to schedule your next car club event with your car club event with sbr We offer plenty of parking space and have a large entry way for mingling and setting up a booth to sign new car club members.

Wanting something fun to do besides just checking out each others cars? SBR offers great go-kart racing at 40+ mph in our new Sodi RT-8 go-karts. We also provide air hockey, billards, various video games as well as snack vending machines.

Whatever your car club size or needs -- we work with you to ensure a successful event every time. Call us to book your next event or to get more information, call us at 909-284-7804

Social Groups, Corporate and Small Business Events

Whether you are looking fro a place to host a special event for a non-profit organization, small business or a corporation -- we can help you have a successful team building meeting or special event celebration. Our packages vary, so give us a call that we can discuss your needs and match an affordable, fun solution to your needs. We look forward to providing you exceptional customer service and special event accommodations.

SBR Special Event Pricing entitles your members to a discounted $13.00 per race and more, call for information

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