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Cal Club Fontana Raceway Car Club Fontana Speedway Racing Event June 7, 8, 9On June 7 in Fontana, the California Sports Car Club will be at Fontana Speedway for their First Friday Niter Rally. For more info you can check them out at www.smscc.org June 7-9 is the Double Rational - 3 Day Event - ACS.

The event is hosted by a region of the Sports Car Club of America, the largest car club in the world, specifically dedicated to promoting motorsports and providing entertainment for the motorsports enthusiast.

If you are interested in racing, you can come out with your family sedan and race against the clock. Cal Club enables you to participate in road and performance rallies, race "real deal" race cars at tracks like Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Auto Club Speedway, Willow Springs Raceway. You can also volunteer and become a worker at events like the Long Beach Grand Prix.

California Sports Car Club prides itself on a family fun atmosphere that will appeal to virtually all ages. Whether you are bringing your kids to experience racing for the first time or are an old racing fan seeking some fresh excitement, Cal Club at Fontana Speedway on June 7th, 8th and 9th is the place to be. Unless of course, you are here with us at SB Raceway...but that goes without saying.

The summer is fast approaching and there is sure to be plenty to do for racing enthusiasts this season. Fontana Speedway is always good racing fun. So don't forget -- Bring your family and friends -- and look for us there!

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