Inland Empire's Premier Go-Kart Raceway!

VIP Member Qualifying

SB Raceway offers drivers the opportunity to qualify to race with our prestigious VIP Go-Karts. These go-karts have 9 horsepower engines as opposed to the normal go-kart 6.5 horsepower engines -- making the go-karts go in excess of 10mph faster.

To qualify to drive a VIP Kart, the driver must be 16 years or older. The driver must record at least one lap time, under the required time for their weight class (see below) in five (5) separate races in order to qualify to drive the faster VIP karts.


Weight Classes

0-100 lb: 25.900  /sec. per lap
101-150 lb: 26.200  /sec. per lap
151-200 lb: 26.500  /sec. per lap
201-250 lb: 26.800  /sec. per lap
251-300 lb: 27.000  /sec. per lap

(These times are subject to change)

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