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SB Raceway Racing Information

SBR is a unique go-karting experience. We take special care to ensure our customers know how important they are. We work hard to provide an outstanding race experience that will keep our customers coming back. Our gas powered sodi karts ensure a more authentic race experience than our competitors' electric karts because you can better control your speed without constant braking and finesse the corners better. Come check out our recent remodel and enjoy an air conditioned, newly carpeted lobby with plush lounge chairs. We also have 8 monitors and 3 leader boards, so you are always on top of each racer's position.

You can watch the race from our lobby observation windows or sit at the track-side tables. At SBR, we are very safety conscious. We devote extra time with Jr. racers to ensure they understand how to operate the go-karts and feel safe to make the most of their race time. We take time to explain braking and lifting techniques that they understand how to drive safely!! For added precaution, we can remotely control the speed of each kart to ensure the safety of all racers on the track. Inside our lobby, we have snack and drink refreshments for your convenience. We also have air hockey and pool tables, arcade games and even fun stuff for kids under 8 years of age.

If you are wondering about the latest Football or NASCAR standings, then check out one of our 8 monitors and you will find a race or multiple sporting game playing live!! Wondering where to have that next unique Birthday party? Well wonder no more...we have private party and meeting rooms available. Ask one of our race coordinators for more information. We offer exclusive track rental, parties with private room rental, corporate parties and events, team building and birthday packages. As well as receptions, grad nights, charity functions, fund raisers, award presentations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Quinceanera's and more. Ask about our Endurance Races Leagues. For SBR fans, we offer apparel, trophies and medals for sale.

SB Raceway


How old do you have to be to race?
All drivers must be at least 56 inches (4'8") tall and 10 years old.


How much are the races?
Requires a Racing Lic, which is sold on the spot for $7 and is good for a whole year of racing.

1 Race is $23.99 includes SBR Headsock or 1 Race is $19.99 with your own SBR Headsock for 17 to 20 laps on a Indy style track.

If you have a membership races are $16 during the weekdays and $19.99 during the weekends.

Cosmic Racing (Friday and Saturday night starting at 5:00pm) is $25.99 includes SBR Headsock or $22.99 with your own SBR Headsock per individual race.

Where are you located?
Our facility is very user friendly located line of site off the 10 and waterman exit near the 215


What is a membership?
$49.99 sign up fee

INCLUDED AS FREE WITH MEMBERSHIP: 1 Free Race upon purchase, 1 Free Race on your Birthday, Free Red head sock. ($10 value), Discount racing during weekdays, Credit Racing Options, Use of VIP Karts, the use of the membership in lieu of Annual Racing License ($7 value). Total value of free/included stuff with membership is $53.98 plus all the other benefits of a membership.


Do you serve alcohol?


Do you have party packages?
Yes we have birthday packages, as well as any private party packages and group rates.


What specials do you have today?
On any given day there are specials some for members and specials for non members. Check under the specials button on the web site for the special today!!


Do you serve food?
Aside from our high-tech vending machines- we do not- though we are in close proximity to many restaurants and fast-food options.


Can you bring your own helmets?
Yes! as long as they full-faced and D.O.T. approved or we can supply everything you need at no additional cost.


Are these battery operated?
Absolutely not these karts are the real deal. Gas powered Honda motors. Sodi has won many many championships around the world in these karts! We offer more realistic racing than the battery powered facilities. The big stock car racers come and practice on our track!!


Can your track train people to be safer and more aware?
We do it everyday and also offer classes for Jr. racers to help them improve their driving skills!


SB Raceway

Tips and Tricks - Making the Go-kart Go!

Some Good Info to Keep in Mind While Racing at SB Raceway
Driving our karts can be fun and exhilarating, as well as it can be tough and frustrating. Often times, people will get red flagged and “talked” to about how they are driving. So here are some tips and tricks to not only be safer, but also become a better and faster racer.

If you do ever get “talked” to about how you are driving, it is because we see cause for concern. We don’t want you to crash and get hurt, just as much as we don’t want you to get caught up in someone else's mistakes, so make sure you always leave others room. If someone is definitely faster than you, our best advice is let them pass you and try to learn as much of their line as possible. If someone is about as fast as you, be sure you don't do anything that will cause them to crash into a wall or even worse, into you, and always leave them room. Never cut someone off, it's just bad driving.

When you first start out make sure to start slowly and get used to the track, the kart and how the kart handles on the track. You should do this every time you race, at least the first lap.

After you get used to the track and kart, make sure you maintain a smooth racing line. Think, “Where am I going to next? Do I need to slow down, or can I take that turn at my current speed?” If you ever slide in a turn, always go slower the next time. You probably can eventually go through the turn faster than you are now, but you may not be a smooth enough driver to execute the turn yet.

SPEED IS YOUR ENEMY. Speed happens naturally as you become a smoother driver, most the time with bad effects. As you increase your smoothness you will increase your exit speed from a turn, thus making it so you go into the next turn with more speed than ever before. Which means you need to rethink when to slow down for the next turn and how much.

Often times, you will be have a particular problem with a certain turn. Our advice is to investigate the turn before the one that is giving you problems. Make sure that you are doing that turn correctly. More than likely, you are taking the turn before too fast and thus cannot get in the correct position for the turn that is giving the most noticeable trouble.

And of course you can always ask our staff and other racers you see racing well for some more tips and advice.

SB Raceway

Go-Kart Driving Rules

SBR Indoor Racing Center – Rules, Regulations and Instructions
In Order to provide the safest possible go-karting experience, we require everyone to comply with the following:

Reckless go-kart driving is prohibited. Any driving that is dangerous, endangers other participants, or may result in damage to the kart, track, or the track personnel will result in the immediate loss of driving privileges and forfeiture of any fee paid.
Our Karts are not “bumper cars.” Any intentional bumping will be considered reckless driving.
DO NOT RACE with loose items, loose clothing, and or unsecured long hair. Racing with such items can cause injuries. If you have any doubt as to the length of your hair or any other conditions, DO NOT RACE and check with the front desk manager first.
Drivers must wear approved helmets and hygienic liners. If a driver provides their own personal helmet, the hygienic liner is not required. Please obtain approval of your helmet from the front desk personnel before driving.
Driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription and or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
When entering and exiting the kart, care must be taken to avoid touching the engine which may be hot enough to cause burns.
The throttle for the go-kart is controlled by your right foot. The brake is controlled by your left foot.
In the pit area the maximum speed allowed is walking speed.
Never get out of the go-kart while on the track. If you need assistance, pull to the side of the track, raise your hand and wait for the track personnel to help you. If you start to feel sick, pull into the pit and take a break.
Walking onto any portion of the track or beyond any divided partitions is prohibited.
Steering should be done with both hands on the steering wheel in the “10 and 2 o'clock” positions.
You must pay attention to and comply with all go-kart driving flag signals and the instructions of the track personnel.
Please feel free to ask any questions you have before driving.

Any go-karting rule violations may be considered sufficient enough to revoke driving privileges and forfeit any fees paid. Thank you for your cooperation.

We wish you the most enjoyable and exciting racing experience. ~The SBR Team~


SB Raceway

Race School

Our Go-Kart Race School classes are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 am SHARP for anyone age 8 and up.
We do require you to pre-register by calling 909-824-7804.

~ Each class offers in-depth fundamental training lessons on track racing line, braking points, passing spots and areas of concern.

15 minutes of driving time
~ One 5 Minute Follow-the-Leader Session
~ One 10 Minute Practice Session

After completing the Go Kart Race School, each student will be able to race Arrive & Drive sessions with an Annual Racing License.

$99.99 Per Student

SB Raceway

VIP Member Qualifying

SB Raceway offers drivers the opportunity to qualify to race with our prestigious VIP Go-Karts. These go-karts have 9 horsepower engines as opposed to the normal go-kart 6.5 horsepower engines -- making the go-karts go in excess of 10mph faster.

To qualify to drive a VIP Kart, the driver must be 16 years or older. The driver must record at least one lap time, under the required time for their weight class (see below) in five (5) separate races in order to qualify to drive the faster VIP karts. 


0 - 100  25.400
101 - 150 25.700
151 - 200 26.000
201 & up 26.300

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The facility is located in Everest Center, right next to Everest College. SBR is one block from 10 freeway and one block from a Starbucks, so you can drop your kids off at our safe facility and have a cappuccino at Starbucks while they race.

  • 217 E Club Center Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • 909-824-7804
  • info@sbraceway.com

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