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Go Kart Racing at SB Raceway
111 views • Feb 10, 2020
Video by Milton Holecek

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Video of SB Raceway

kart racing sb raceway
161 views • Feb 14, 2020 • more laps at sb raceway
Video by amhphotography 

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1,767 views • Apr 8, 2018 • Driving one of the 9hp karts around the San Bernardino Raceway track. The track record is a little under 22 seconds. My personal best time is a 22.246. Today, I was a little slower because the traffic prevented me from getting into a good rhythm. Still, the footage is fairly good and there's quite a bit of action.
Video by Nathan Pope 

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Directions to SB Raceway

SB Raceway is one block South of the 10 freeway and one block East of the 215 freeway.

Where the 10 freeway & 215 freeway meet!

217 E Club Center Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92408

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217 E Club Center Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408

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