Go-Kart Racing Specials

Indoor Go-Kart Racing at SB Raceway

Monday Endurance Racing

$7 Race License or Membership Required
Member Endurance Race $55.00

Non-Member Endurance Race $60.00

Endurance Race:

  • 30 minute straight race. 

  • Minimum group of 5 people.

  • Pre Registration is required.

  • Must be approved by staff.

  • SBR or VIP head sock required to race.

Test Drive Thursday

Membership Required. 
Become a Member and test drive our 9hp karts early by first qualifying in a regular 6.5hp kart for your weight category
Test drive is for members only and is held only on Thursdays.

Cosmic Karting Weekends (Friday & Saturday Nights)

  • $7 Race License or Membership Required. 
  • Race under the colorful lights in a cosmic atmosphere! 
  • 1 Cosmic Race $23.99, Does NOT include headsock.

5 Member Races for $62

Buy 5 member races for $62 

Just go to 

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Directions to SB Raceway

SB Raceway is Located...

SB Raceway is one block South of the 10 freeway and one block East of the 215 freeway.

Where the 10 fwy & 215 fwy meet

217 E Club Center Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408

217 E Club Center Dr
San Bernardino, CA 92408

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